Q: How much time do I need to book ahead for my move with Mountain Movers

A: Preferably as much as possible ( 2-4 weeks is a nice cushion ) however last second moves we can sometime pull off..

Q: Are your movers trained?


A: Yes, while most of our movers have over 10 years experience the minimum to work for Mountain Movers is at least 3 years of experience! We do not have a large turnover with our movers. So you can rest assured knowing thatMountain Movers workers will handle your belongings with the same care that we would our own. Also all of our movers are DRUG FREE!


Q: How does Mountain Movers protect my furniture from damage?

A: Well first of all we only hire outstanding men with great work ethic, who have a knack for moving. Another one of the preventive measures that we use is shrink wrapping, bands, and professional padding. We wrap your furniture with specially padded blankets and secure them with tape or shrink wrap to eliminate damages and scratches. Also what separates Mountain Movers from the other guys is that ALL of our crew leaders are master loaders. We understand how to load a truck the right way, which is the only way to do something, especially when it comes to your belongings! So don't let another company pile your furniture into some box truck the wrong way!!!

Q: I have heard that certain things cannot be moved by a moving company, what are they?

A: Those items include: combustibles, explosives and hazardous materials such as: matches, kerosene, mineral spirits, paint thinners, cleaning solvents, gasoline, propane, propane tanks, charcoal, charcoal lighter fluid, aerosols, liquid bleach, ammunition (assembled or components), paints, pool chemicals, motor oil, automotive batteries, automotive fluids, fertilizer, weed killers and pesticides, fire extinguishers and pressurized tanks, ammonia, nail polish, nail polish remover, darkroom chemicals.


Q: Can you pack and unpack for me?

A: Yes Mountain Movers offers packing and unpacking service. If you schedule a packing service with us we also can provide boxes, packing materials, wardrobe boxes and all other specialty packaging for your items. Please remember that for medium to large homes, apartments and offices if you require packing, you should plan to have that service at least one day prior to your moving service.


Q: Can Mountain Movers disassemble and reassemble some of my furniture items?

A: Yes, we can disassemble certain items prior to moving the item and then reassemble them for you. The most common items include headboards and foot boards from beds, mirrors that are attached to dressers, multi piece desks, etc. We can provide dis-assembly and reassembly service for most household and office furniture items. Please contact us concerning your requirements. There is no extra charge for removing the mattress and box spring from standard bed frames and then setting up the bed at your new location. Please advise us of your dis-assembly and reassembly requirements when you obtain your quote from us.


Q: How will you move my clothes?

A: We can move clothes in a number of ways. One is in the typical fashion of wardrobe boxes. Some times this can get expensive. So if you are on a budget, we suggest getting 55 gallon thick plastic bags. Turn them upside down and poke the hangers through the center of the bottom of the plastic bag. Use packing tape to tie the hangers together and then lay on a flat surface. If packed this way, your clothes will be top loaded flat in the moving truck.


Q: Will Mountain Movers place my furniture where I want it at my new location?

A: Yes, when the movers bring each furniture item in from the vehicle they will place the items exactly where you ask them to. The movers will also place all of your boxes in the designated room that is marked on the box or where you direct them to.


Q: I have items at my current residence and some other items at a storage facility, can you stop and pickup my items at the storage facility?

A: Yes, we can make one or more additional stops to either pick up or drop off items for you in between your initial location and your final location. Please just let us know your requirements when you obtain your quote from us.


Q: I am having new carpet installed in some rooms of my house and need some of the furniture moved around. Can you do this?

A: Yes, we call this furniture rearranging. We will come out and move the furniture to a designated area and then return to replace your furniture when your contractor is finished.


Q: How much are you supposed to tip the packers and/or movers?

A: As with any service business tipping is at the customer’s sole discretion. If you are pleased with the service that you receive you may want to consider tipping based upon the same percentage that you would for good service in a restaurant.

Q: What's the best way to prepare children for a move?

A: This is very important to us at Mountain Movers While there are probably as many answers to this question as there are children, here are some helpful tips:

  • Talk freely to your children about what the move will mean.
  • Keep to your normal routine as much as possible.
  • Keep familiar items (toys, books, blankets, teddy bears, etc.) out in the open and readily available (and don't pack the blanket).
  • If possible, take your children to your new community before the move to acquaint them with their new surroundings.
  • Above all, listen to what your children have to say, and keep the lines of communication open and honest.


Q: What forms of payment does Mountain Movers take?

A:We accept cash, check, money order as well as Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, and American Express for our services.

Q: Do I need to empty my dresser drawers?

A: No, clothes may stay in your drawers. The only items that need to be removed are breakables, valuables, money, jewelry or important documents.

Q:Does Mountain Moversdo same-day moves?


Q: Can Mountain Movers transport our plants and pets to our new home?

A: Plants, perhaps. Pets, no. Federal regulations allow a mover to transport plants if the trip is fewer than 150 miles and under 24 hours. However, some states may want to quarantine them anyway. In the event that this should happen, your mover won't be able to ensure their proper care. Federal regulations prohibit moving companies from shipping animals in moving vans. If your pets and plants can't travel with you, ask Mountain Movers to help you make arrangements to safely transport them to your new home. Ideally, pets and plants travel best in your own car.

Q: What about perishable food items?

A: Perishable food items cannot be safely shipped in moving tucks. Please dispose of or give away perishable foods before the move.

Q: What's the best way to prepare a computer for safe transport?

A: When packing a personal computer, these steps will help you prepare it for safe transport. To pack your computer, we strongly recommend that you use the computer's original carton and packing materials. If they're not available, use a box that is both strong and big enough to hold the computer, and pack it with unprinted newspaper. For more advice, your local computer dealer can answer other questions. Other things to consider:
1. Back up your software and data files. These should be taken with you or sent to your destination via insured mail.
2. Park the hard drive (if applicable). See your computer's instruction manual for special steps to take. With newer computers, simply turning the power off initiates this safety feature.
3. Insert cardboard or old disk(s) into disk drive(s).
4. Unhook all cables and power cords, indicating their positions for ease in set-up. Pack cords separately with manuals and software.
5. Use only static-free packing materials like clean, wadded unprinted newsprint (not standard bubble wrap or packing peanuts).
6. Create a base layer of wadded unprinted newsprint and place computer on top of layer. Then surround sides and top with more wadded unprinted newsprint until firmly packed, and seal carton with packing tape.
7. Remove all ink cartridges from the printer.

Q: What should I do with gas in the lawnmower, leftover paint, turpentine, etc.?

A: It's against the law for Mountain Movers to transport flammable and combustible materials. Safely drain or dispose of all combustible and corrosive materials, including: household paints, bleaches, propane tanks, gas cans, and fuel in power equipment.

Q: Am I allowed to pack my own belongings?

A: You can pack your own items and save money, if you wish. However, Mountain Movers cannot be responsible for items you pack yourself. Your agent can also supply you with all the items you'll need to do your own packing. But, for just pennies per pound, you can have Mountain Movers trained packing crew pack your belongings (and we're responsible).