Budget Movers


We at My Mountain Movers understand that the state of our countries economy is a bitter reality in many peoples lives. So we are trying to do what we can to be a defining positive force not just in regards to your move, but to your wallet as well. Our Budget Moving service is a service offered by My Mountain Movers and is our most cost effective moving option. You still receive our top notch service and quality, friendly, polite, professionally trained and uniformed staff, equipment, dollies along with a 26 ft. commercial moving trucks as do all our clients. However with Budget Moving we remove most of the unwanted additional services within our full service moving such as packing service, and assembly or dis assembly of items of your choice. With Budget Moving we get down to the roots and basics a quality dependable service with a low price! We focus on speed, efficiency, and safety to ensure your move is completed quickly and most importantly cost effectively!



Here's what you can expect on all Budget Moves:

All Furniture is Quilt-Pad Wrapped

Furniture Placed & Set-Up in Your New Home

We Do Not Require All Drawers To Be Emptied

Courteous & Quality Trained Personnel

Quality Service at Low Low Prices

The Master Loaders touch